Capturing The Spirit Of VICE UK ’S ‘RULE BRITANNIA’ In An Ident




Rule Britannia is VICE UK’s online den of nefarious activities, investigative journalism and enlightening documentaries ( It focuses on UK stories and incredible characters, with strong narratives and real purpose. Documentaries run from 20 to 45 minutes and recent successes include The Debt Collector, Boy Racer and Swansea Love Story. These films are unflinching, honest and powerful insights that tell us something surprising or new about the country we live in. VICE UK were looking for an iconic ident that celebrates the editorial spirit of their award-winning flagship series.


“VICE UK’S RULE BRITANNIA Focuses on UK ‘stories and incredible characters, with strong narratives and real purpose.’ Giving both a raw and direct illustration of British culture by getting under its skin to the real reality OF BRITAN. My aim was to conceive aesthetically an ident, which efficiently amplified the programmes internal content brand expression. ‘BEHIND THE FACADE OF BRITISH CULTURE’ infiltrates a metaphorical illustration of what goes on behind the real reality of British culture, through both a “raw” and unorthodox graphic aesthetic.