, A Female Focused Global Education Charity Brand


Set By: WPP & Theirworld


Brand a global movement to change girls’ lives through tech. A global movement is building to get more girls into school and learning through technology. Tech companies big and small are looking for ways to overcome the barriers and stigmas that prevent girls from accessing and completing their education. 33 million girls don’t go to school at all, and millions more aren’t learning and will drop out early. Mobile, social and digital technology has the power to connect girls with opportunity through learning, and in turn meet the growing demand for a skilled workforce worldwide.


"Internally the core ethos of this brand is to both build and drive a ‘global’ movement of modification toward the social, political and discriminatory barriers that avert 33 million girls globally from attaining an education. Strategically the functionality of the brand’s DNA has been developed to establish and attain recognition of the brand’s initiative to a global audience segment. Based on a preliminary analysis the brand will need to attain the same positioning as a ‘Third Sector’ brand (charities). Systematically the brand’s overarching experience will need to resonate and be symbolic of the brand’s internal story through both integrating and utilising efficiently a wealth of graphic assets making the aesthetical element of brand both iconic and distinctive in the obtaining of a global ‘status’." 

"Aesthetically the brand should evolve a graphical system, which aligns the brand’s internal vision into reality, through both distinguishing a distinct and compelling branding identity, which entices a global audience to stimulate a movement for the brand’s symbolising cause. The identity of the brand should utilise its aspiration of attaining a globalised brand positioning through the development of an iconic and versatile visual graphic language. Visually the brand’s assets should enable flexibility to evolve the brand’s experience through multiple brand touch-point channels, resulting in a strengthening to the brand’s strategic vision in attaining a globalised movement, through an efficient identity communication system."


Defining A Global Brand: Brand DNA, Core Vales: Commitment, Determination & Academic. Brand Values: Connected, Global & Visionary. Tonal Values: Distinctive, Bold and Clear.


Advance a holistic digital brand content experience strategy, through infiltration of design effectivity. Define and create an invigorating, digital service experience system, through a simplistic and intuitive brand digital and motion graphic language, through its evolved graphic platform identity package aesthetic, sufficiently accelerating a unique experience memento. (The brands Motion Graphic Communication deliverable is still in development.)


Is Available upon request.